Friday, July 25, 2008

101X The Next Big Thing @ Emo's, 7.18.08

The Next Big Thing showcase gave the stage to three up and coming bands with The Warlocks, The Vandelles, and Austin’s own The Boxing Lesson.

As I arrived The Boxing Lesson were kicking off their set, and what a wonderful greeting it was. This trio once again put on a show-stealing performance. They provide a hard rock, space age like soundscape, which kind of has a hypnotizing effect much thanks to their use of synthesizers. As they made way through the impressive songs “Lower” and “Dark Side of the Moog,” I found it hard to even look away from the stage. The Boxing Lesson’s next Austin show will be on August 17th at Emo’s. Do yourself a favor by going, and while you’re at it pick up their latest CD Wild Streaks & Windy Days. Both the live performance and album get the official stamp of approval.

Next to take the stage were The Vandelles out of Brooklyn, NY. This four-piece band definitely picked up momentum as their performance went on. With the guitars turned up and vocals turned slightly down, I couldn’t help but notice an inkling of influence from the legendary My Bloody Valentine. I would also compare them to the noir sound of The Raveonettes. And credit is due to drummer Honey who hits so steady her drums almost sound like they’re programmed.

Cranking up the smoke machine to full blast, Los Angeles’s The Warlocks closed the evening out. Like the other bands, The Warlocks were much on the experimental side in creating an atmosphere of sound full of reverb. They kept the night’s psychedelic feel going by seemingly appearing out of the fog to bring Emo’s the rock. It was an appropriate way to cap off the night.

The Warlocks and The Vandelles are continuing across the country on their summer tour.

William Trinity
Photos by Mandy Russell.

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