Monday, September 14, 2009

Chairlift @ Emo's, 9.11.09

You're a indie band that just released your debut album Does You Inspire You. On this album is a catchy pop song about doing "handstands for you." Next thing you know, that catchy song ends up in a iPod commercial and now everyone knows who you are. Said popularity continues to grow as you are picked up by Columbia Records who rereleases your album.

In short that is the story of how Chairlift got introduced to the world.

This past rainy Friday (09.11.09) the Brooklyn based trio made a stop in Austin as they played the inside stage at Emo's. It was a show that probably surprised many of those only familiar with band through "Bruises" (the previously mentioned iPod song).

Chairlift's sound goes deeper than that catchy pop tune. The band tends to border more on trip-hop and at times post-punk/synth-pop. Their unique blend was displayed on kick off song "Garbage." Following that was "Dixie Gypsy" one of the few songs where guitarist Aaron Pfenning takes lead vocals, and one which shows off some serious Banshees influences with its heavy tribal-like drum beat and gloom lyrics. But of course all eyes stay on Caroline Polacheck, the petite beauty whose voice sometimes has a Bjork-ish thing going on. One of her highlights on the album became the highlight of the show as the dark turns of "Territory" captivated the crowd. The set ended with the infection song that sprung them into the the spotlight, "Bruises." However even that one was given a shadowy undertone as the performance of it was transformed into a punk rage at the end.

The "Ceiling Wax" video is one that better displays the darker side of Chairlift. It's artsy, atmospheric, and trippy. See it below...

Earlier this year Chairlift's Aaron Pfenning was intereviewed by SSv. So also take a pop over their to read that.

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