Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here

Here is another that I'm late in posing on this blog, but...

My review of the new Gil Scott-Heron album I'm New Here went up on Stereo Subversion. Let me tell you, this was a treat. This is his first studio offering in over 15 years and it totally took me by surprise. Scott-Heron's ability to deliver this powerhouse of an album is a testament to a true artist.

Here is an excerpt:

The first thing you must know about I’m New Here is that the smooth as butter vocals that decorated Scott-Heron’s earlier ventures into traditional R&B/soul are gone. The years of hardship have transformed a now 60-year-old voice into a grainy, rugged drawl that’s half way between elder Johnny Cash and your drunken uncle at the family barbeque. Within that lies much of the appreciation; it’s hard to imagine that this album would have the same appeal if Scott-Heron didn’t sound like he’s been to hell and back.

Read the entire review over on Stereo Subversion.

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