Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Austin’s Great Nostalgic Offer More Album Details, Videos, and Free Download.

The march toward the release of the Great Nostalgic’s next album is gaining momentum. The band is solidifying a new lineup, gearing up for SXSW shows, and of course prepping the album for a March/April release. In a recent email, frontman Abram Shook gave me some details on the themes of Hope We Live Like We Promised

“The album does indeed still maintain a bit of a concept, though not quite as much of a story arc as the first record.  This one is set up more as a series of vignettes about ordinary life in a neighborhood.  Sometimes the stories intersect, and sometimes they spin off in their own directions, kinda like the movies Short-Cuts, or Smoke.  It’s definitely poppier and lighter than our first record, but still keeps a 70's psychedelia feel throughout, and reveals more with multiple listens.”

According to Shook Hope We Live Like We Promised is sequenced for vinyl-style listening, songs heard in groups of sides. So if you want to get the full effect, picking up the vinyl album would be a good idea. The pre-order is a great deal and is up on their site.

Also on the site they have made the download of their spectacular debut available for free/donation. So if you’re unfamiliar with the Great Nostalgic this is a great way to catch-up. Especially for any non-Austinite that may be reading this, so you can hear the quality music our local Austin scene offers.

The band is also releasing a new video every month leading up to Hope We Live. The first two are already available.

January’s offering was “The Great Unknown.”

And the latest for February is "Spirit World"

p.s. I have heard the album (yes, be jealous) and can attest to Shook’s statements above. It’s poppy, it’s fun, and another solid offering from the band. I’ll most likely post a short review/write-up closer to the album’s official release.

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  1. Just as a heads up, the pre-order is more of a pre-sale. If you order the vinyl from the site, it ships immediately (with a digital download). The album won't be available to purchase in stores (online or otherwise) until later in Spring, though.