Saturday, February 26, 2011


Balmorhea @ Mohawk, 02.25.11

Let me start by saying that my recent trend of naming blog posts with the artist's lyrics really won't work when the band doesn't have words in their music.

Austin band Balmorhea is directly responsible for the revelation of how much I like modern classical. Or is it called chamber music? Either way, their are some really great artists composing masterful symphonies these days— Brooklyn Rider, ClogsSarah Kirkland Snider— but Balmorhea is the most prolific. Lead by the duo of Michael Muller and Rob Lowe, the band has a massively impressive catalog including last year's album Constellations and their most recent release the "Candor / Clamor" 7-inch. Each project is pure awe inspiring beauty.

Mohawk was the scene of Balmorhea's first hometown show since September. Here are some photos from that night and a video of them performing the Constellations standout "Bowsprit."

I also uploaded video of "Night Squall" and "Candor" on youtube. Balmorhea is swinging around the west coast for a couple of weeks. They will be back in town for SXSW as they are part of the Western Vinyl Showcase at Lamberts on the Saturday the 19th. 


  1. Tell the assholes talking through it to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Seriously ... what a bunch of idiots! Why would you pay to see a show and then gab through it? But I love the photos and videos. Wish I could be in Austin for SXSW ... guess I'll have to live vicariously through your blog :)

  2. Yeah, those people can get super annoying. Especially in a show like this with a quiet instrumental band. Some people just don't make sense.