Sunday, February 13, 2011

We're Off To See The Sea

Follow That Bird! @ Mohawk, 02.12.11

I finally got the chance to catch Austin band Follow That Bird! last night. They had been on my to see list for quite a while. They stole the show on the first Casual Victim Pile album last year with their song "The Ghosts That Wake You." Then I saw a picture and noticed that the girls in the band are ridiculously gorgeous, which only further sparked my interest. Musically, they have that traditional indie-guitar rock meets riot-grrl punk thing. It's a little Sleater-Kinney, a little bit of the Strokes, and full adrenaline inducing.

Somewhere I read that they are working on a full-length album, but until then they have a new 7" hitting the streets in time for SXSW. Those two songs are already digitally available on bandcamp in the meantime.

I'm really digging this band to say the least. Count me as a full fledged fan now. Here are video and pics from the show.

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