Monday, March 7, 2011

Loungin' with Do512 is very easily the best online source to navigate the Austin scene in planning your intake of the live music capital. Without that site I’d be a bumbling idiot randomly going into different venues along Red River trying to remember where Black Joe Lewis was performing. Actually, I’m probably still a bumbling idiot and it has nothing to do with forgetting where to catch a show. Anyways… Now the folks at Do512 have teamed up with Shiner to also have an awesome spot to throw private parties and have Austin’s best artists provide the entertainment. The Do512 Lounge is kind of like if you set up your living room with a performance stage and red velvet curtains. But it’s much cooler than your living room because you don’t have a performance stage with red velvet curtains. The shows are private affairs in which you need to be a mega-hipster or have a rich uncle who invented Toaster Strudel or something to get an invite. Obviously that was a joke because I got invited, and there ain’t nothing special about me. All you need to do is follow Do512 on Facebook and Twitter for the chance to get a spot on the guestlist.

This past Saturday [03.05.11] the Lounge was host to an awesome lineup of high quality hometown acts: Auroravore, The Black and White Years, Zeale, and one of my personal favorites Ume. Check out some snap shots below along with videos of Ume and Zeale. An additional video of Ume performing "The Conductor" can be seen here. For proper quality video keep an eye on Austin Music Weekly, the designated documenters for these performances.

My hat goes off to the staff at Do512 for creating one of the most unique experiences for Austin music.

p.s. In hindsight I noticed there were slight moments of emo self loathing in this post. For that, I apologize. 

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