Monday, April 25, 2011

Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Run Myself Into The Ground" and "Standing In The Sun" Live @ Emo's, 04.23.11

To put it simple, Jessica Lea Mayfield is pure gorgeousness at all levels. Saturday's show was without a doubt the best performance I've seen from her. As I pointed out in my review of her last album Tell Me, Mayfield showed some evident stage shyness in the past . That now has definitely changed. She's more confident and has fully embraced her role as a performer. She shared stories, joked with the crowd, and of course gave us a handful of spectacular songs sung beautifully.

Check out the video below of Mayfield performing my favorite track from Tell Me, "Run Myself Into The Ground." We were also treated to a new song that is yet unreleased, "Standing In The Sun." On the latter clip you can see how Mayfield was engaging the crowd, and how just about everything she does is completely adorable. Then see more evidence of her utter hottness after the jump.

Additional video I took of the song "Trouble" is over on youtube

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