Sunday, April 10, 2011

Live Pick: The Raveonettes & Tamaryn @ Emo's this Tuesday, 04.12.01

Raven in the Grave, the latest album from The Ravonettes, is possibly the band’s darkest and most gloomy effort to date. And those of you familiar with the Danish duo know that is saying a lot. Calling the Raveonettes dark is like calling water “wet,” or describing outer space as “big.” After all, their previous release In and Out of Control contained dance floor anthems regarding drug overdose and rape. Now this time out Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo treat their melancholy lyrics with equally as melancholy beats. In their 10 years the Ravonettes have continuously found ways to morph their two-part harmonies over a growing palate of genres. They’ve been surf-guitar rockers, a synth-driven electronic band, and shoegazers. What has stayed consistent is their ability to make you feel cold to the bone after listening to them. For example, Raven in the Grave standout “War in Heaven” rides its atmospheric melody with only two barren lines of vocals appearing/reappearing in the song.  The video for the album’s first single “Recharge & Revolt” is posted below.

This Tuesday, 04.12.11, the Raveonettes make a stop in Austin when they play Emo’s outside stage.  Accompanying them is up-and-coming band Tamaryn. Beginning the show will be locals Shapes Have Fangs

Based out of San Francisco, Tamaryn is among the recent group of goth revivalist making noise these days. They released their debut The Waves last year on the Mexican Summer label. The duo consists of vocalist Tamaryn (from whom the band takes its name, obviously) and producer Rex John Shelverton. Much like the headlining band, they fuse fuzzy guitars to their shadowy poetics. The title track from that release, my favorite of the album, can be heard over here

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