Monday, August 8, 2011

Kanye West Compares Himself to Hitler... Further Proves He is a Genius.

True creative people tap into parts of the brain that the average person does not. It is science. People who are more artistic use the right side of the brain more. It's what causes them to "think outside of the box." Creative minds observe more in their environment, comprehend elements with different senses, and emote feeling in more outlandish ways. Because their consciousness operates at a different level, it causes them to act in a manner that may seem odd to others. They do and say things that the average person just doesn't understand. This constant heightened state of brain operation can cause a creative person to express themselves with actions that come across as outlandish and extreme. Creative genius can cause Vincent van Gogh to cut off his ear. It can cause J.D. Salinger to live as an outcast and recluse. Creative genius can cause an actor like Johnny Depp to denounce his home country and move to France. It caused Sylvia Plath to seek comfort by sticking her head in an oven and turning on the gas.

Creative people do things that will cause others to call them crazy. Because they are different they are sometimes labeled as arrogant, a douche bag, or an asshole. Really, it's because their brain is functioning in a way that a normal person cannot begin to conceive. With that said, I give you Kanye West's Hitler rant...

Ok, seriously. 'Ye is a visionary in music. Let the man have his crazy talk. Even if it is in bad taste. We all know he has his issues.

And if you ain't watching the throne... just go home. This album is FIRE!!!

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