Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing

Was there anyone who wasn’t instantly hooked by that song in the latest iPod/iTunes commercial? Seeing those silhouettes bounce around to the lyrics “I ain’t freaking, I ain’t faking this,” could rope anyone in hard. But it probably didn’t get people to rush out and buy the new two billion gigabyte iPod like the folks at Apple intended. Instead that tune became a constant loop in the heads of many. Now thanks to that commercial we all became somewhat familiar with British duo The Ting Tings and the punk-injected pop of their debut album We Started Nothing.

The title of the song, which got this side of the Atlantic to notice The Ting Tings, is “Shut Up and Let Me Go.” It’s actually the third official single off the album and a great representation of The Ting Tings’ sound, aptly being labeled as indie-pop. The infectious guitar riff gives way to a vocal styling that is one part Gwen Stefani cadence and two parts Kate Nash sensibility. Everything about it is jam-packed with attitude. Katie White (on lead vocals and backing instruments) and Jules De Martino (on lead instruments and backing vocals) so perfectly straddle the line between the worlds of pop and punk one can’t help but think of Blondie when listening.

That song along with their first two singles, “Great DJ” and “That’s Not My Name” respectively, provide a great core to this overall solid effort. However it’s the supporting tracks that give a strong backbone on this relatively short album. “Traffic Light” is a great walk in the park type song that begs for “not another break down.” While “We Walk” is possibly the most well crafted song on the album thanks to the opening piano, great harmonizing by both Ting Tings on the bridge (“When nothing make you feel good”), and even some cowbell thrown in for good measure.

We Started Nothing is the kind of CD you wish you heard every time you put on a new band. It’s the type that has the proverbial next big thing written all over it. The Ting Tings’ career is already off to an epic beginning by garnering the Number 1 spot on the UK charts and seeing strong download sales in the states thanks to those dancing silhouettes. Hopefully this is indication that they will have a long road of continued success ahead of them⎯whether it’s full of mainstream pop, new wave punk, or both.  

-William Trinity

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  1. I will be at their show at The Parrish. Should be interesting as it is outside my preferred musical realm.