Friday, July 11, 2008

Phoenix Saga & Kids in Candy Shops @ Red Eyed Fly 7.5.08

This past Saturday night Red Eyed Fly was host to a pretty decent crop of Austin bands.

Phoenix Saga was in the house for what was billed as their CD release show celebrating their new album Phoenix Saga II: The Wrath of Sean. However to their chagrin, they were sans new CD. But that didn’t stop them from taking the stage and putting on a top-notch performance. They definitely give a show that displays their diverse sound; one song could hit you hard with heavy guitars and screaming, while the next will smooth it out and have a crisper vocal. Because of this, their performance was a virtual rollercoaster of sound with some fanboy fun thrown in. Listen and you’re sure to hear a Star Wars reference or two being spouted off. Vocalist/bassist Sean assured me that the new CD was only days away from availability and will be for sale at their next show. Though in keeping with the theme of irony, their next show has yet to be booked. Keep an eye on Phoenix Saga’s myspace for details on both.

This night gave me my first exposure to Kids in Candy Shops, and I can say that I was instantly impressed. They have a good indie sound that ranges more on the alternative rock. Of course the sensual Leah will immediately pull in fans on vocals, but if you look just beyond her Gary’s drums can take you as well. He really torn his kit up that night, and I mean that literally. At one point during the show one of his cymbals broke off. Really, score some indie points on that one. Kids in Candy Shops have a quick turn over with their next show being at Red 7 on July 10th. Be sure to treat yourself to this band; you won’t be disappointed.

Unfortunately I split after Kids in Candy Shops left the stage and that means I missed the performance from Mostly Dead. But having seen them several times in the past, I can still wholly recommend catching them if you get the chance. This eight-piece band uses pretty much every instrument known to man in creating a nice blend of progressive rock, jazz, and pop. Mostly Dead’s next show is on July 11th at Room 710. Be sure to get your “jazz hands” ready for their song “Shine” (think spirit fingers in the movie Bring It On) if you do check them out.

That also means I missed Vegas Widow closing the night out. Now listening to their myspace, I’m a little disappointed about that. I’m definitely going to keep my eye open for their next performance.

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