Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I heart Lykke Li (and her new single "Tonight")

This posting is out of the ordinary from what I normally put up here at The Blog From Mars, but I have been pretty lazy in writing stuff lately. I wanted to get something quick up and when I saw Lykke Li's new video this week it brought up a great opportunity.  

These days female pop singers are imported to the US from around the world feverishly. The floodgate that was open with the successes of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen a couple years ago lead the way for a massive wave last year. 2008 saw the breakouts of Duffy from Wales, Brit Adele, and Ladyhawke from the far reaches of New Zealand, among others. While I'm a big fan of most of these artists, one of my personal favorites has to be Lykke Li. The debut album Youth Novels from this Swedish songwriter offered an innovative pop sound. Whether it is dance tracks like "Breaking It Up" or the ballad "Time Flies," Lykke's mellow vocals paved a beautiful road of indie electro-pop. Plus she gave us the line, "For you I keep my legs apart, and forget about my tainted heart," in "Little Bit." If that ain't enough to rope you in then I really don't want to even talk to you.  

This week Lykke's video for an acoustic version of "Tonight" hit the interweb. The original is probably my favorite track on Youth Novels, and this version definitely builds on its strength. I normally don't care much for music videos and hardly ever watch one fully through.  However, the simplicty of the video combined with Lykke's performance made this one hypnotic.  By the time you hit 57 seconds in you will want to marry this girl.  Take a look...

And for all my Austinites, Lykke Li will be gracing us very soon when her US tour brings her to Antone's on February 19th. I will be there with bells on.  

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