Monday, January 5, 2009

Spinnerette - Ghetto Love EP

One of the most anticipated comebacks of the year has just been kicked into gear. The punk rock princess Brody Dalle has returned with her new band Spinnerette, and they have self-released the Ghetto Love EP as a preview of what's on the horizon for their debut. I rarely get this excited about new music (ok that's a lie, I get excited about new music all the time), but this EP definitely got me hype. Check out my review on Stereo Subversion by clicking the link below...

Here is the video for the title track...

And for those of you that may have forgotten (or didn't know to begin with) that Brody is pretty much one of the hottest girls to ever walk the planet, here are some photos for us all to ogle.

The Distiller Days

And Now More Glamourous, More Mature(?), and a New Mom

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