Monday, March 9, 2009

Lucy The Poodle Productions presents... LUCY MAGAZINE

Lucy The Poodle Productions is an Austin based conglomerate that specializes in throwing one hell of a party and having fun. In between the partying and fun they found time to develop a new zine which will launch during SXSW.  It's a  a full-color, printed glossy magazine featuring  music, art, theatre, film and all that other good stuff. Most importantly (to me at least), the first issue of Lucy Magazine will feature an article I wrote about The Boxing Lesson. Yes, the wonderful folks at LTP set me up to interview the band back in January and commissioned me to write a brief piece on them. While you've seen me discuss a plenty about The Boxing Lesson before, this article gives a little in-depth look on their own perspectives regarding the year that was 2008 and the year that will be 2009. And truthfully I'm interested to see how my article looks within the magazine. So I'm super excited about it.

And furthermore, there will be a launch party this Friday, 03.13.09, at Stubb's (Lucy The Poodle throwing a party... you don't say). Austin bands Shapes Have Fangs, The Bubbles and Sheboygan will be performing. There will also be some film screenings that should keep your interests peeked. Plus all that attend will get a copy of the inagural issue of Lucy Magazine. That in itself is all the reason you need to attend.

UPDATE: Lucy Magazine can be read online. Flip to page 18 for my article on The Boxing Lesson. 

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