Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jessica Lea Mayfield Daytrotter Session

So this may be turning into a blog where I just talk about Jessica Lea Mayfield all the time.  But whatever...

My favorite musician from Kent, Ohio had her Daytrotter Session go up a couple days ago. This along with her music video premiering on Stereogum are two high profile events that are well deserved. I feel like it has been forever that I've been listening to her (really it's only been since last September), but she is finally getting her some recognition from the indie world.  

Mayfeild's Daytrotter Session includes renditions of three great songs off With Blasphemy So Heartfelt: "I'm Not Lonely Anymore," "Kiss Me Again," and "Bible Days." Also, Sean Moeller has written a great piece to accompany the session. He really always does a great job with his articles. Here is a little excerpt of what he has to say...

"The songs are explosive examples what happens to an emotional being when life’s abstractions and blemishes sometimes get in the way, when things don’t go as planned and there’s a choice to be made – to throw a fit or to do the opposite and take those lumps. Mayfield has such skill in her songwriting craft at such a frighteningly young age that it’s all the more remarkable – the pace and the voice and the tone of her words, like a forest whispering throughout the night – that she already can make unforgettable music seem so easy."

This version of "Bible Days" is more rocked out than the studio one, much like how she performs it during her live show. So go over to Daytrotter and check it out; read the article and download the free tunes. 

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