Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Love for Jessica Lea Mayfield

It’s no secret that I absolutely love alt-country songstress
Jessica Lea Mayfield. I rain praise upon her every chance I get, and am taking this opportunity to do it some more. Mayfield’s music is both beautiful and brutal. Each song invokes a personal battle between the need to be loved and the desire to not care. While her full-length With Blasphemy So Heartfelt receives a boost from Dan Auerbach’s production and instrumentation, Mayfield’s previous EP White Lies proves that her writing and somber vocals can carry a song on their own. She’s kind of mesmerizing. So it puzzles me as to how she is ignored across the blogosphere.

But it looks like I’m not the only one that is sees injustice in this fact.
Stereogum gave Ms. Mayfield some overdue recognition this week and premiered her first music video “Kiss Me Again.” This song is the opening track on With Blasphemy and perfectly displays all those aspects that I mentioned earlier. Additionally the video gives us the chance to gaze into her lovely baby blues. Hopefully this will help open more eyes (ears) to this remarkable singer/songwriter. Check it out…

I insist all those that haven’t listened to her album to do so immediately. It’s available for subscribers of the
emusic, can be found on the iTunes, ordered on the amazons…or for those in the ATX, I’m sure if you rush down to the Waterloos you can get it there. It also looks like a limited edition vinyl is coming soon which has some interesting new cover artwork (see below). I don’t even own a record player and I’m still picking that up!

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