Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiet Company - Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon

The title of Quiet Company’s latest album invokes a sense of hope. The music itself conjures an even greater idea of awakening. Whether it’s spiritual, personal, or enlightenment, the songs are meant to reach beyond and instill some greater life lesson. Instead of focusing their songs on the trials of life, Quiet Company instead picks up after those events and reflects of what one must learn afterwards. Doing so they have created an album that reminds us that the world is a beautiful place and worth fighting for. And in between all that you may dance a little.

The Austin foursome led by Taylor Muse produces a sound that straddles powerpop and traditional indie rock. Muse himself comes across a happier version of Ben Gibbard both lyrically and in vocal sound. The music is driven mostly by the piano, which paces the band in whichever direction they choose to go. Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon is an uplifting album the rides the lyrics and pianos in an effort to make you, the listener, happy as well.

That piano is what introduces the album on “A Nation of Two” set against Muse’s moral croon of “If you really want to love somebody, it will cost you more than you have. I can guarantee you that.” The song builds up until the rest of the band joins in for an upbeat chant. “It’s Better to Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money” picks up with the upbeat pop and proves to be a remarkable highlight of the album. This song is a pure toe tapper that utilizes a swing influence while lyrically insisting that we all need to smell the roses and love life while we’re living it.

Elsewhere, the long song titles continue with “My New Year's Resolution Is To Cope With My Mortality,” a song that begins with a plead to bring home our troops and evolves into Muse reflections on his own eventual death. “When I Am Empty, Please Dispose Of My Properly” provides the biggest surprise at less that two minutes long as the pianos craft the most somber feelings on the album. That leads to “On Modern Men” with its gentle beginning that builds into a climatic sing along.

The music of Quiet Company is mature. While contemplating the meaning of life's trials and tribulations, the pop tunes are carefully crafted to quickly appeal to anyone. Any of these songs can easily become entrapped in your head. And as the album title implies, at the end you can't resist being happy. 


  1. Interesting take. I just reviewed the same album and it is interesting to see another opinion on it from someone like me. Rock on Will.