Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Regina Spektor "Blue Lips" Live Performance [Later.....With Jools Holland]

If you listen closely you can almost hear my child-like squeal of excitement. The catalyst for such arousal is the anticipation building towards the release of Regina Spektor's
Far. The new album is her fifth (yes, fifth!) studio release and hits stores on June 23rd. Just to add fuel to the fire, here is a video of Regina performing her new song "Blue Lips" on Later.. With Jools Holland.  

I was curious as to what direction Regina would be taking with her new material after the slight injection of VH1-friendly pop on her last album. But if "Blue Lips" is any indication, it's safe to say that there will still be plenty bare bones Regina on Far. Regina's beautiful voice/lyrics + Miraculous piano = Un-F'in-Believable. Very much looking forward to more. 

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  1. Dear Regina:

    i am a devoted fan for the last two years. i use one of your videos as anchor for My MySpace page. all of my enotes get filtered by your dad it seems! Yea dad.. i am energized by your songs and joy.

    But! I have not been complementary on this video as posted on YouTube. It is an earlier song of yours, i understand, and being set to strings takes some care, however it seems to come across overemphasized and out of touch with your music history.

    you may of even said the album was rushed and perhaps coloured out not to the best.

    " i think, this is not representative of your middle ground music , or your better know works " , i am also thinking you are rushed and not in good form of your visual presentation. i find it wonderful, when your hair is at its best " your crown and glory " and you are wearing a gown of some majestic to your form.

    My worst words, would be, " your not a hippie casual chick any more " your hair was off, and the dress was less than visually good. You hard edged your song words, " punched the lyrics to much " " setting a dated, environmental song of 04 to strings, does not work "imo"

    I know you need this commercialism to glide into the next year, but as one of your strongest supporting fans, i am starved for some new works. I will also be so bold, as to say you look chunkey in the ass! A reference to how the dress made you look, and how the dated music does not stretch to now.

    Some commentors think you are rushed by the director or producer of this album. " that could be " every one wants to make a buck " commercialism " but i think overall this album is detrimental to your presentation and perhaps to your career.

    I give you credit to the wonderful woman you are, you have a heart and mind of gold, but as a critic of this video, i say my thoughts from loving you, and holding your accomplishments as dear.

    The wide in the ass reference , is to stretching a subpar lyrical composition of yours into a symphonic disaster on recent tv.

    I am in awe of your creativity and wonderful voice. I tune into your gentle philosophical words in song also for inspiration and calming effect. I think you have the capacity to love intensely and sing with brilliance few can obtain and offer. Respectfully , your devoted fan Thomas G.

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