Saturday, June 20, 2009

People Food - The Status Foe EP

The easiest way to describe Peoplefood is by calling them a jam band. Their sound fusion of rock, jazz, and at times reggae-rhythms best falls into such a category. But branding them purely as such is quite a disservice. The label “jam band” itself brings visions of Dave Mathews and people dancing in tie-dyes, and that just leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. Peoplefood indeed sound better and cooler than a typical jam band.

For the most part this is thanks to frontman Byrne Rock, whose soul tainted lyrical delivery and introspective songwriting are the cornerstone for the framework of
The Status Foe EP. The six-track release is a mellow and welcome entry into the Austin music scene.

The EP kicks off strongly with the title track, which best showcases all aspects of the band. A steady drum intros to a smooth guitar as Rock’s half-sung/half-spoken vocals spin a tale of man-as-machine in the technological age. “You know something’s wrong but you will not answer, as you try to control things that you can’t control,” he preaches during the hook. The song progresses nicely as the band takes an instrumental breakdown at the midpoint and bounces back without missing a beat.

Peoplefood also end on a high with the tandem of “Bigger Picture” and “Losing Sleep;” the later featuring the catchy melody of Rock’s most impressive vocal performance. The song builds and Rock’s vocals become louder and seem to evoke more emotion. It’s a fitting way to end the EP.

Austinines have a chance to catch songs from
The Status Foe EP as Peoplefood play Momo’s on June 30.

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