Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SSv debates Sonic Youth's The Eternal

Stereo Subversion’s Internal Debate series is one of the most relevant things on the indie-music blogosphere. It recognizes that most music junkies, including critics, have conflicting views when it comes to today’s big releases. Just think about all the times you’ve read a review online and had the total opposite opinion. For every person that gives an album an outstanding rating of 8 (out of 10), there is probably someone else for which that album doesn’t even garner a 5 rating. So Stereo Subversion created the Internal Debate series to feature quick reviews from multiple members of its staff. Already this year they’ve looked at The Decemberists, Metric, and Grizzly Bear among others.

The latest entry is for
The Eternal, the new release from rock legends Sonic Youth. I highly recommend that folks keep an eye on Stereo Subversion for more Internal Debate. It’s definitely refreshing to read something that highlights the importance of different opinions and shows how much personal taste plays in writing a review. So click the link below for now and read my $0.02 on Sonic Youth, which involves me praising them for one of my early favorite albums of the year.

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