Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SSv Debates The Dead Weather's Horehound

The latest in Stereo Subversion's Internal Debate series is up. This time it's the highly hyped, highly anticipated album from Jack White's new band The Dead Weather.

I call them "Jack White's new band" because that is pretty much how they are being billed and referred to across the interweb. But in actuality, the band is more a showcase for Alison Mosshart than it is for Jack White. Just look at the cover art. I've been a long time fan of Mosshart's full-time band The Kills since forever and have been telling folks about them for years. This project is obviously a higher profile gig for her and it's gratifying to have people see what I've been praising all this time. Incase you've been living under a rock the name of the the album is Horehound, and it has been getting consistently favorable reviews across the board.  

However, there is a little dissension among us staffers at Stereo Subversion. At least one of us doesn't seem to dig it. Not me... I fucking love it. So go over there and check the article out. Also, Stereo Subversion is set to go through a major redesign any minute now. The new look may have already launched by the time you read this. So head over there. Link...

And because it just wouldn't be my blog unless I posted a picture of the hot rocker chick, here is Alison...

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