Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SSv's Top 11 Albums of 2009

I'm a little late in posting about this, but...

The time has come for all those ‘Best Albums of 2009’ lists and all the disagreements that come with them. As for other music webzines, I’m not sure of their process, but for Stereo Subversion it is a collaborative effort. The staff writers submitted their abbreviated list, our editor tabulated the votes, and a Best of 2009 list was generated. I was fully prepared for the results. Given the tends of the indie blogosphere I pretty much figured that our collaborative list would include some albums/bands that I really don’t care for— most particular SSv’s #1 and #2 albums.

I personally am not a fan of Animal Collective. I do see the appeal of that band; there really isn’t anyone like them, and “My Girls” is pretty damn good. But other than that song, I found MMP to be nothing more than ambient annoyance. More than that, one of the albums which I considered the most ridiculous sounding of the year turned up at #1 on SSv's list. Go figure.

For the article I did chime in regarding one band on the list, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Follow the link.. see what was #1, read my little Pains blurb, check out the other albums:

Stereo Subversion also had some other quality end of year/decade coverage in the last couple weeks: like the Top Folk Albums, the Top Hip-hop Albums, and of course a look at the definitive band of the decade Radiohead.

Be on the look out for my own personal 2009 Favorite Albums list coming up on this blog before the year is out. Anyone who knows me could pretty much guess at least what my number one is. But there where some artists that surprised me this year. So keep an eye out.

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