Monday, March 22, 2010

Kath Bloom - Thin Thin Line

Here's one that I almost forgot that I even did, but..

I wrote a review for Kath Bloom's Thin Thin Line a while back and it's been posted up on Stereo Subversion. This is one that I randomly decided to review, not knowing much about Bloom. So I was an open book. Here is a little excerpt of what I thought:

For those wanting to see who’s caught the attention of Devendra Banhart and The Dodos, Thin Thin Line is a good starting point. Kath Bloom ends the album with “Not Through This Yet” where, despite the destitution, she clearly lets us know that it will be long before she hangs up the guitar. We benefit as the audience, and today’s folk scene is greater for it.

For the entire review click below...

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