Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amanda Palmer Sings the Songs of Radiohead... For Only $0.84!!!

I don't shy away from expressing my love for Amanda Palmer. On top of being an artistic visionary with her music, she is an prolific songwriter whose literal lyrics have always been direct windows into her personal life. Additionally each musical venture of her career has expanded her palette. I was a huge fan of the Dresden Doll albums, and hold her solo debut, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, in even higher regard. I gave praise earlier this year to the art/performance project Evelyn Evelyn, an interesting (and semi-controversal) release that had Palmer playing the role of a siamese twin. Now with Ms Palmer being dropped by her record label (this is a good thing) she has self-released an EP that continues to show her diversity for music.

The title is pretty self-explanitory, Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele. It's up for download at 'name your own pricing' with a minimum donation of $0.89, which basically covers the bandcamp and paypal fees. So Palmer is pretty much giving this away.

Now while the word 'ukulele' may deter some some, I challenge any of them to listen to her version of "Idioteque" and not be blown away.

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