Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sleepy Sun - Fever

A couple weeks ago I wrote a review of Sleepy Sun's latest album Fever for Stereo Subversion. It was pretty much a random pick that paid off. There's some good stuff on here.

Here is a snippet... The video for Sleepy Sun’s “Open Eyes” is a psychotropic blend of horror and confusion. Its opening sequence of astrological imagery gives way to four participants (one male, three female) coming together for what seems to be one hell of a supernatural séance. They sit around a circular table with tarot-like cards spread out before them. By the end of the clip the four have had their essence extracted though their mouths, each spiraling to the center of the circle in a white tornado that revels pagan representations within (think goat head with horns). The song itself starts off with muffled vocals, which sound like they were sung underwater. As it progresses the words become clearer. By the time the guitars kick it up a notch in time for that spiritual departure, we get a distinct declaration of “open your eyes.” The video takes a couple of views in order to grasp all the elements.

And here is the full review...

And here is the video for "Open Eyes" which I reference...

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