Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Twin Shadow's Videos are as Retro as His Music

A couple weeks ago I downloaded Twin Shadow's album Forget when he was offering it on his website for $1. I figured with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear producing, it couldn't hurt to give the album a try. And now I stand thankful that I did. Forget is an awesome throwback to Depeche Mode-eque synth pop and definitely one of the best debut releases of the year.

Below is the video for my favorite song off Forget, "Castles In The Snow." The clip is an odd homage to the 80's New York scene. I keep waiting from some breakdancing to spontaneously happen, but alas it doesn't.

The video for "Slow" actually features the man behind Twin Shadow, George Lewis, who looks like Fez from That '70s Show if he grew up to be a high school gym teacher. This is a funny take on those Calvin Klein ads from a couple years ago.

Unfortunately, Forget is no longer available for the super saver price of a buck. But it will be available on CD and LP via Terrible Records on September 28th.

For those in Austin, we will have the chance to see Twin Shadow when he hits Antone's on September 24th.

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