Monday, August 2, 2010

Wild Nothing - Gemini

My review for Wild Nothing's Gemini went up on Stereo Subversion a couple weeks ago. It gave me the chance to implement one of the key rules that every music blogger keeps on their checklist; When all else fails, just compare the band to The Cure. I also took the chance to mention one of my favorite filmmakers, John Hughes; which is another thing that I will jump at every opportunity to do. But as far as the actual music goes, below is a snippet and then a link to the review.

... The album fades in with “Live In Dreams,” a basic tone setter establishing the pace for much of the ride. Tatum’s vocals are just a half octave above monotone and almost emotionless — normally a sure strike — but it works for him just as it is an asset for Beach House’s Victoria Legrand. The mid-tempo beat itself boarders hallway between danceable and a wallflower’s sway.

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