Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go Down Under For Only $0.69

Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, the new solo release from the Dresden Doll front woman is now available for download. The collection contains mostly live tracks, both originals and covers, all Australia/New Zealand inspired. Details for the physical release still have not been revealed, but in true AFP style there should be some limited edition vinyl and other merch bundles available soon. The music itself can be enjoyed for the super low price of 69 cents. So for now jump over to her bandcamp site and support the indie-est of all music (the self-released type). And check out the video for "Map of Tasmania" at the bottom of this post. 

Palmer is again utilizing the practice that proved very successful with her Radiohead-covers EP, by self-releasing the music digitally for cheap and then offering limited edition physical copies at a premium to the more dedicated fan. If indie artists are looking for a model to follow on how to survive in the digital era of dwindling record sales, they should study Palmer. She has taken control of every aspect of her career and continues to pump out quality music, while gathering a large cult following in the process. Bravo to her.

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