Monday, January 17, 2011

i like: James Blake, the Album

James Blake is cashing in quickly from all the hype brought on from those best of year lists by dropping his full-length debut on February 8th via Atlas/A&M. The previous three EPs released in 2010 each explored a different style of production. Thankfully (at least for my money), his self-titled release most closely resembles the sparring, minimalist sound found on Klavierwerke. Highlight track “I Never Learnt to Share” finds Blake utilizing auto-tune and looping the haunting lyrics “My brother and my sister don’t speak to me./ But I don’t blame them,” over a increasingly thick synth beat. When he’s not sounding like a robot Blake’s voice lets off a soulful coon, best displayed on the first single “Limit to Your Love” (a Feist cover) and the closing track “Measurements.” There are some places where the choppy/off-beat loops deter from the quality, but those songs tend to be short and are saved by the harmonies. James Blake’s vocals and production emote immense resonance with the most minimal effects on this beautiful album.

Here is the video for "Limit to Your Love," Directed by Martin de Thurah.

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