Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SXSW 2011: Highlight Images pt.1

Another SXSW is in the bag. It's was my forth to be exact. Anyone who knows me personally, or follows me on twitter, has probably heard some trash talking coming from my side regarding South-by in the weeks leading up to it. I have my issues. Even in just the four short years I've attended, I've watched the event explode to an insurmountable level. It seems that the discovery of music has taken a backseat to tons of corporate sponsored parties that attract hordes of people who aren't even interested in music, just free beer. However when it's all said and done, I always have a blast. 

The photos that follow are the reasons why. I played it light this year and narrowed down a short MUST must-see list, which I pretty much got everyone checked off.  Number 1 on that list was Chelsea Wolfe, who I got a double shot of and was not disappointed. She sounded amazing, she was super gorgeous, and really friendly. Also on that list were Sharon Van Etten, La Sera, and Shabazz Palaces, who can all be seen below.

I'll have more SXSW images tomorrow, and videos later in the week. So please check back. 

Sharon Van Etten

Chelsea Wolfe

Dum Dum Girls 

 La Sera

Oh Land

 Shabazz Palaces

American Music Club

Wye Oak

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