Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Single Cuts Brings Artistic Collaboration To Austin

To start, I support this idea fully. I am glad to see that the folks involved with the Single Cuts venture are instilling the spirit of artistic collaboration into the local Austin scene. So what is it? Taken from the press release: Each issue will showcase a group of musicians pulled together from Austin's music scene in order to write, record, and mix a song in one day! The goal is to foster community, and cross-promotion among Austin's vibrant group of artists.

The first session features folkstress Dana Falconberry, members of The Lemurs, Royal Forest, and the Trinity Stardust approved The Great Nostalgic, among others. The result is the track "Jackie," a pleasing summer pop song. It can be heard over on the Single Cuts site now.

I look forward to hearing/seeing more from this project. Collaboration is an essential part to any artistic movement, including local music scenes. Single Cuts plan on creating a new product every four or five months. You can also become involved yourself. So head over to their site to get details, and check out "Jackie."

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