Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Moog Gets Darker On The Boxing Lesson's Muerta EP

I remember being a fresh faced Austinite back in 2008; new to the city and trying to explore the famed local music scene. Having picked up the blogging gig, I ventured out to find Austin bands. One of the first that I stumbled upon was The Boxing Lesson. I still remember being blown away the first time I heard "Dark Side of the Moog." With it's grandiose guitars and synths, it sounded like a trip to outer space put on wax.

Now on their latest offering the Muerta EP, Paul and Jaylinn are revisiting that monster of a song with "Darker Side of the Moog." The reconstructed tune is a stripped down and sexed-up version of the original. Where the first was an extraterrestrial excursion, this is more of a psychological seduction. The duo's vocals are captivating. And while overall feeling of the song is different from its counterpart, the new track grips me the same way the original did.

The four songs that make up the Muerta EP chronicle a transition for The Boxing Lesson over several years of recording in Austin. This makes it an interesting follow-up to the band's last release Fur State, which consisted of their very first instrumental recordings in the ATX. The new EP with "Darker Side of the Moog" is currently available for streaming and download on bandcamp. Take a listen below.

The Boxing Lesson and Frenchie Smith Records will celebrate the vinyl release of the Muerta EP on Saturday, June 11 at ND at 501 Studios. As part of 101X's Homegrown Live series, the band will share the stage with Smoke and Feathers, Black Bone Child, and Scorpion Child. This show is pretty much a no brainer: You Should Be There! Right now you can RSVP on Do512 for discounted admission.

If I wasn't out of town that week, I would definitely be in attendance. I guess I have to wait until the next show. For now I'll just revel in the digital download of the EP.

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  1. I loved this EP too. I hadn't heard their earlier work, but I really want to hear the original "Moog" now!