Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Pick: The Rosebuds & Other Lives @ The Parish this Friday, 06.24.11

I've been eagerly anticipating this show since it was announced that these two were touring together.  This bill at the Parish on Friday features two standout bands of the first half of the year. Hands down, this show is seriously not to be missed.

The last time The Rosebuds came to Austin back in 2009 for sxsw, I basically stalked them by following them to every performance. My fondness for the band has only grown since then, but a lot has changed for them personally over that time. Of course Ivan Howard has spent some of that as a member of Gayngs where he continued to show his versatility as a musician. But for him and Kelly Crisp, the band that they created landed on shaky ground. While their marriage dissolved they still found themselves compelled to make music together. Lucky for us they did decide to continue on. The resulting album Loud Planes Fly Low ranks as one of their best. In the past their music has ranged from political, to historical, to spiritual, to down right danceable. On this new album it is heartbreaking. Without a doubt it's the Rosebuds most emotionally charged, and simply beautiful from beginning to end. As Crisp explained in a recent interview about Loud Planes, "It was the first time we had actually made very honest music that was about us personally and emotionally inside... if you listen to the music, you can tell it’s very personal and heavy." If you ask me, Ivan and Kelly have outdone themselves on this one. 

Now the Rosebuds aren't the only spectacular band taking the stage on Friday. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear did a collaboration project, than Other Lives is for you. This Oklahoma band is promoting their sophomore album Tamer Animals, which is flying a little under the radar right now. Those of us who have caught it are all pretty universal in our acclaim. Get a taste of their flavor in the sci-fi-rific video "For 12" below.

For those who want to relive my sxsw experience by stalking the Rosebuds, the band will also be doing an in-store performance at Waterloo Records earlier in the day at 5pm. So this is an excellent time for you to delve into the Rosebuds experience, and an equally excellent time for me to revel in my everlasting indie-crush on Kelly. I mean she is relatively single now; so if I'm gonna make my move now would be the time. Riiiight? RIGHT?!?!

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