Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Balmorhea on Daytrotter

The latest Daytrotter Session from Austin's indie-classical/chamber music majesties Balmorhea is now available for you all to consume and love. This recording features renditions of the two tracks from their recent 7" vinyl release, "Candor" and "Clamor," along with a new untitled song. I'm convinced that there is no possible way that something recorded at the Daytrotter studios can sound anything less than amazing. This is no exception. Hop over and download it right away.

In other Balmorhea news, their previously limited album Live at Sint​-​Elisabethkerk is now officially available digitally on iTunes and through Bandcamp. A physical repressing from Western Vinyl is coming soon as well. I picked up a copy during their last swing of touring, so I definitely recommend this. The added arrangements to the the live performances breathe new life into these songs. It's like hearing them for the first time all over again.

 Live at Sint​-​Elisabethkerk does contain a performance of what could be my favorite song from them, "Steerage & the Lamp." The keys on here are astonishing. Take a listen below.

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