Monday, June 27, 2011

Richard Phillips Pays Tribute to Women I Love, With Music By More Women I Love

Earlier in the month New York painter Richard Phillips released two (very) short films which in some way paid tribute to two controversial Hollywood figures that I absolutely love. To tickle my fancy even further he used new tunes from two musicians that I ridiculously love as well. The clips were part of his exhibition "Commercial Break” which made it's debut a couple weeks ago at the international art event Venice Biennale.

The first comes soundtracked by gothy-shoegazer Tamaryn, whose album The Waves continues to transfix me every time I listen to it. The subject and star is paparazzi target Lindsay Lohan and the film is a chance for her to show off her swimming skills and freckles. Yes indeed, I love that milkaholic Lindsay. In all seriousness, I am a huge fan of hers (don't judge). It may come as a surprise that littered on my walls, along with a Cat Power show poster and My Bloody Valentine LP covers, is a poster of Ms Lohan. Again, don't judge. I like girls with freckles.

In other Tamaryn news, a new 7" single from her side project Les Demoniaques is available for pre-order. Then in other Lindsay Lohan news, she seems to still be picking up gigs while on house arrest. Good for her?!?!

Phillips' other short film features Sasha Grey. Yes, that Sasha Grey! Sasha seems to be everywhere these days: Eminem videos, new photo book published, prepping for her next aTelecine album, and when you follow her on twitter you will realize she is actually friends with every single person you ever wanted to be friends with. Here we get quiet serene Sasha in a piece that (i think) abstractly looks at her rise to fame. The music comes from Grey's Pendu Sound label-mate Chelsea Wolfe. The song is "Moses" and is featured on Wolfe's soon to be released, spectacular sophomore album Ἀποκάλυψις. [Correction: this version of the song actually comes from Wolfe's debut The Grime And The Glow, a revamped version appears on Ἀποκάλυψις. Either way, I recommend both.] Twitter also tells me that Sasha Grey and Chelsea Wolfe recently did a photo shoot together. For what, I'm not sure. But I'm eagerly awaiting the full results. For now, the Phillips film below is enough to indulge in. 

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