Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spinnerette, the Album

Yes, I was very excited for this one. Spinnerette's full-length release quickly became one of my most anticipated albums of the year after hearing the Ghetto Love preview EP back in December. Thanks to Stereo Subversion I was able to get a listen to the album months before its scheduled official release on June 23rd. Now my review is finally up on SSv. 

This was kind of a big deal on several levels. For one, my review is one of the first to be published on the blogosphere. Now personally, being a long time Brody Dalle fan it's quite thrilling to see that our little punk rock princess has evolved into quite the artist. In recent interviews she has expressed how painstaking it had been to create and put out this album on her own terms. I'm glad to say that it was all well worth the effort. 

I'm quiet proud of my little Brody... All grown up and stuff. Anyways, click the link below to read my review. 

And simply because I will never tire of looking at Ms. Dalle, here are some photos featured in the recent issue of Inked Magazine.

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