Monday, May 11, 2009

The Rosebuds "Leaves Do Fall" SXSW Performance Video

I came across this video today, and figured I would take the chance to chat about one of my favorite bands.

A big highlight of this year's SXSW for me was getting to see The Rosebuds perform several times. Within the last year this band quickly became one of my favorites thanks to their spectacular fourth album Life Like. After hearing album I dug into their previous work, and I can pretty much say now that I love everything The Rosebuds have put out. The North Carolina duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp have remained a genre defining band with each release-- sometimes traditional indie rock, sometime synth dance, other times a little of both.

The song "Leaves Do Fall" comes from their second album Birds Make Good Neighbors. Here's a video off of The Rosebuds performing at Mohawk during SXSW. 

It really was quite the pleasure to see them multiple times during that week. Much like the musical turns found on their albums, for each show they added a little extra spice to the performance. Whether it was the "Nice Fox" sing-along at the My Old Kentucky Blog party or the "Bow to the Middle" waltz-along (same Hot Freaks party as vid above), Ivan and Kelly kept it exciting each time. Hopefully, it wont be long till they come back to Texas. Even after seeing them three times in three days, I am edger to catch them again. 

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