Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Stubb's, 07.21.09

I wanted to take a minute to finally get something up about Jessica Lea Mayfield's show at Stubb's last week. 

Under dark lights, Mayfield put on a more subdued show than her past visits to Austin, due mostly to the fact that she now finds herself without a full-time tour drummer. Filling that void were her other two supporting players, one being her older brother David, who rotated between their normal positions at guitar or stand-up bass and then behind the drums.  Even with the adjustment, Mayfield still delivered a haunting and beautiful performance that one would expect from her heart-bleeding alt country songs. The toned down set gave Jessica the chance to perform several songs solo; most notable was the performance of "Is This Love?" where she was only backed by bother David's sparse vocals.  

There were several surprises for those who have seen Mayfield live before. She gave us one of her newer compositions "Grown Man," and her cover of Buddy Holly's "Word of Love"that was featured on a Starbucks compilation

It's been almost a year since her album With Blasphemy So Heartfelt was released and even with the constant stream of new music that regularly pours in, her album has stayed in my heavy rotation and continues to amaze me every time. Her live performance remains just as beautiful as the album and as Jessica herself. 

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