Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jemina Peal - Break It Up

The super-cute Ms. Jemina Pearl recently released her first solo album Break It Up and my review is up on Stereo Subversion. While I've never been a fan of Be Your Own Pet (the band which Pearl fronted for most of the decade) I was excited to hear what she was conjuring up on her own. Pearl has also had the front-woman star presence and deserves the chance to make a name for herself.

The album has some stumbles, but overall Pearl brings a riot's worth of punk to the table. It really was pretty much what I expected from it. So hop over to read my review..

Here is the video for "I Hate People," her collaboration with Iggy Pop that I reference in the review. It's a pretty interesting clip and more particular features Jemina all cute and bubbly.

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