Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adrian and the Sickeness - B.F.D.

I’m working on some Austin coverage for Stereo Subversion. I’ve always jumped at the opportunity to write about Austin for the site (see Ume review, SXSW 2009 coverage). Now we’ve planned out some album reviews and a commentary piece focused on what the local ATX scene has to offer.

The first of these posts is a review of the latest album from balls-to-the-wall rockers Adrian & the Sickness. Trinity Stardust has a little history with the band as they were one of the initial bands reviewed when I started the whole music blogging thing. It was cool to go back and revisit their music.

Be on the lookout for those other Austin pieces in the next month or so. Of course I’ll link them here on the blog from mars when they go up. But for now check out my review of Adrian & the Sickenss’s B.F.D

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